Bibs has a long standing relation ship with local communities. Uplifting and self help programs have benefited many young children.

Khula Village is one of the communities that benefits from such out reach program. Khula is a young community that was formed on the northern side of the R618 after 1994.

The word Khula means to grow and the founder, Kayafas Mkwanazi, was determined for the villagers to grow together with the development of the Tourism Industry of the newly founded World Heritage site at their door step.

Kayafas has since passed over, but his successor Phillip Mkwanasi is just as determent to find a happy medium between culture development and and western prosperity.

With Khula village's roots in the reign of King Shaka it should be on  your tick list of things to do. Real live Zulu Sangoma training camp, Ancient worshiping traditions and  modern Western school systems functioning in one community, something one must experience.

Ask the Bibs staff about an excursion to Khula Village.