Bibs International Backpackers is situated on the banks of St. Lucia Estuary, iSimangaliso Wetlands Park, in The Elephant Coast of South Africa. The iSimangaliso Wetlands Park formally The Greater St. Lucia Wetlands Park is the first World Heritage Site in South Africa and is also the oldest Game Reserve. Formally a settlement in The British Colony of Port Natal, Duku Duku Forest, now known as Khula Village, was and still is the training camp of ancient religious Zulu Sangomas.

St. Lucia was proclaimed a Township by The British in 1822 and where surveyed by The Boer Republics and British Navy as a potential deep water harbor.  The Wetlands where frequented by Hunters like John Dunn for Ivory and Hides. Meat was often a burden and was burnt by the hunters in Big Bonn Fires. The Tembe-Tsonga tribe from the northern regions of The Park practiced a controversial slash and burn conservation technique which is still practiced under more controlled circumstances today by the authorities.

The Eastern boundaries of The Park borders on to the Indian ocean and The Majestic second highest sand Dunes in the world tower over the golden beaches that once was called "Rio De Auro" Rivers of the Dow's of Gold. Only to be renamed by the Portuguese seafarer Manual De Pesterirello as Santa Lucia on the day of the Saint Lucy feast on 15 December 1575. Ironically the World Heritage Site was Proclaimed on 15 December 1999.

Rich in  Cultural Zulu History and forged by Western Civilization's, St. Lucia Estuary the town, is the Southern Most Gate Way to The Wetlands once home to the most power full Zulu Inyanga believed to have the power of elevation living on the banks of Lake Bangazi South. Many myths and traditions is still alive in this area and one often gets an airy chill down your spine when embarking on a night drive along the thorn bushes and grasslands looking for Leopard and Hippo roaming the fields full filling their nocturnal yearnings.

Sharing their habitat with small monogamous Red Duiker and Free Roaming Kudu Bulls. Clattered with Impala, Wildebeest, Zebra, Reed Buck and even Rhino. Wharthog and Aardvark digging up the same holes with the clattering of Porcupine along The Night Drive vehicle. On a full moon the Gigantic Mushrooms ghostly gleams as the lunar rays reflects of their fungus outer skin not knowing what is lurking in the darkness yonder the artificial man made light phosphor charging the florescent green bodies  of the chameleons hiding behind the Nicolai leaves.

Bestow upon thee, the DNA engraved, slumbering of a Livingstone family member not yet met the need to explore the Natural treasures of The iMfolozi - Hluhluwe Game Reserves.